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Idaho Data Centers Offer Affordable Power

Why Do Business With an Idaho Data Center?

3 Great Reasons…

Reason#1- Inexpensive, Abundant Power
According to a July, 2009 survey of 150 independently owned utilities, Boise, Idaho ranked the lowest in per KwH-cost of the Northwestern United States Cities surveyed across three categories- Medium Commercial, Large Commercial, and Small Industrial.

See for yourself- This link takes you to a comparison of National Price Rankings as of July 1, 2009 of more than 150 independently-owned utilities

The table below compares Idaho to some neighboring cities and, more importantly, cities that house competing data centers.  The comparison chart compares the Large Commercial category at 180,000 KwH per month usage at the 500kW capacity level.  Although the monthly usages will vary across data centers the Large Commercial category represents the closest rate tier.


Cost per KwH

% Difference over Boise Data Center

Boise, ID



Salt Lake City, UT



Spokane, WA



Portland, OR



Bellevue, WA



Phoenix, AZ



Reno, NV



San Francisco, CA



 San Diego, CA



Why is Affordable Power So Important to a Data Center and its Clients?
SolutionPro purchases power and then uses its facility to upgrade and condition this power which it then sells to clients. The rates we charge our clients reflect the significant investment we’ve made in our facilities to provide clean, conditioned, redundant power to our customers.

Low initial power costs help SolutionPro provide enterprise solutions at a competitive cost.

Affordable, Clean Power Equals Affordable, Reliable Idaho Data Center Services

If you are shopping for a Data Center Services provider, power cost is a significant part of your data center services bill.

SolutionPro offers the most competitive power charges within the Treasure Valley.

Reason#2 Local Talent- Local Commerce- Local Service

SolutionPro supports local Boise businesses and IT firms.

Many SolutionPro employees have been with the company for over 10 years and know the business. Most SolutionPro employees started in a technical capacity and have worked up into executive, sales, marketing, and administrative roles- They know the business from the ground up and this translates into value for our customers.

By giving SolutionPro a shot at your business you enable us to grow with your company and continue to expand our service offering to your company and others like it.

Reason#3 Disaster Free Zone

Enjoy housing your IT equipment and servers in a disaster free zone that even the larger West Coast cities can’t claim to have. The SolutionPro Boise, Idaho data center is in a unique spot free of many of the following typical disasters:

-Severe Thunderstorms that generate tornadoes
-Massive seasonal flood events
-Severe seismic activity

So after reading this- why is it that the large companies continue to conduct business while charging up to 183% more for power all while located along seismic train wrecks like the San Andreas Fault line? One answer. Size.

SolutionPro- We’re not the biggest and we don’t aspire to be.

SolutionPro is every bit as capable as the big guys but at a fraction of the cost.

SolutionPro connects and protects a wide variety of client information assets:

Large Production Server Sites running mission-critical company tasks.
Small-to-Medium sites that started small and continue to grow.
Smaller Startup-type sites that require custom handling.

We are capable enough to handle your large production needs but small enough to provide a high-touch customer experience.

Schedule a tour of the SolutionPro facility now and see for yourself!

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