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FAQ - POP Email Clients - Existing Accounts

How Do I Edit Or Verify My Email Account Settings In Windows Live Mail 2011?

Description: The steps below assume that you have a valid, active email account already setup with SolutionPro. While you are in Windows Live Mail 2011, perform the following steps:

  1. Right click your email account in the left viewing column
  2. Click Properties
  3. Click the Servers Tab
  4. Type in the following for Incoming Mail POP3:
  5. Type in the following for Outgoing Mail SMTP:

    NOTE: OPTIONAL If you have your own domain name and your email does not end with, you can change the POP3 & SMTP server settings to:

  6. Type your Full Email Address in the Email Username field
  7. Click the checkbox My Outgoing Server (SMTP) Requires Authentication
  8. Click the Advanced Tab
  9. Type 587 in the Outgoing Server Port field
  10. Click Ok
  11. Click Close

That's it!

NOTE: If you are unable to send email after you have changed these settings it is possible that your internet service provider may be blocking your outbound email for security reasons. Providers such as Cableone, Verizon, and Clear have been known to do this. If this scenario applies to you, all outgoing email support questions will need to be directed to your ISP. SolutionPro does not have the ability to manage outbound email restrictions set in place by an internet service provider.